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Dear Beloved Friend,

Well, believe it or not... with BestSoft Nigeria "YOU Can Make Money Online! Even If you've not touch a mouse before... You Can Make Money On The Internet" Let me be your Mentor & Coach... I will personally teach you How To Make Money Online Step-By-Step, Click-By-Click. Even if you've NEVER browse the Internet BEFORE. You Can Make Money Online and/or On the Internet.

SO YOU'RE HERE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO START YOUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS that can potentially make you very rich, very slow! Please this is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme. This is a FREE coaching program course where I will train you step by step, click by click so you can use the same strategies I used to make MONEY online.


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Below is the List of my 500+ customers nationwide.

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Look. What's Next? Believe in Yourself & Take Action...

My name is Ndifreke Atauyo, may be you've heard of me, but if you haven't let me briefly tell you my story how I strated from a humble beginning as a POOR water proof / nylon bags seller to now making millions of naira online. I'll show you Old Scanned Photos of my struggling humble self working hard almost 22hrs a day cutting water proof / nylon and eating ONLY one square meal per day to survive daily.

I've been doing business online since 2001 and I've generated millions of naira online, but more importantly - over the past several years I've helped my students and fortune 500+ clients/customers generated Huge REVENUES in SALES for THEIR products and services on the Internet from the very system I am about to share with you today...

The truth is...

Click here to view large snapshot of one of my membership website with 4811 active subscribers

How To Get Leads And Subscribers That Are Pre-Disposed To Buy From You. I will TEACH, COACH, & MENTOR you on how to package your advice, experience, wisdom, and information into lucrative products and programs people can buy online.

How I started from scratch in 2001 and made millions of naira creating hugely successful online businesses and websites. I am now sharing this story with you not only to give you inspiration, but to give you ideas and get your creative juices flowing as well. Don't think that a million naira is an unbelievable amount of money...

The easiest (& highest paying) sales you can make for your business can be achieved through Internet Marketing. In fact, it's the way I made money when I was just starting out with my JAVA PROGRAMMING & CODES DEVELOPMENT TRAINING business.

And whether you're getting started in the information marketing business, or you want to grow your business, one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it is through Internet Marketing. You Need A Coach & Mentor

Keep reading to discover my secrets...

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My FREE Email Course is a I year online training that shows you tactical instructions for selling almost anything on the Internet, how to create and promote information products based on your life's experience and advice for others. The Email Course rolls out every day or weekly or monthly but you have access to it for LIFE so you can learn at your own comfortable time.

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When you sign up for FREE for Ndifreke Atauyo Step by Step Email Course and watch FREE training Videos and discover an Internet Millionaire's Secret formula on how to make money online, sell anything online, build a web business you love, and live the fulfilled live of your dreams.

Do You Want To Learn How I Make Money Online? How I have helped my 500+ clients and students sold over N3,500,000,000 (billions) naira for their products and services on the Internet?

Do You Want To Learn How I Make Millions of Naira On The Internet since 2001 and How You Can Duplicate my system for Success starting right now?

I've proven that anyone can make money online in Nigeria, or anywhere. I have developed a system of profitable websites that make millions of naira. And I want to show you how I did it and you can duplicate my success and start making money online.

I'll not sell you anything. I promise. I'll not promote any affilliate products to you. I will teach you and mentor you step-by-step free of charge.

How I started from scratch in 2001 and made millions of naira creating hugely successful online businesses.

When I started my first online business, I was a student in my first year with no money to pay my second semeters' school fees. The web business was launched from my tiny unplastered room - and it started with free email newsletter sent to those who subcribe to my articles I used to publish on NACOSS Press Board at the time. NACOSS means National Association of Computer Science Students, University of Calabar, UNICAL Chapter.

You'll Discover The Proven Secrets To Generating HUGE Sales With Internet Marketing Strategies I Taught My Students & 500+ Clients In Nigeria.

At that humble start, I quickly developed an Internet Business to build great websites for clients. I've been doing business online since 2001 and at full time and I've made millions of naira on the Internet.

Since 2001 I have developed over 1000 websites for 500+ clients worldwide. But the success train was just getting started once I started teaching my formula to my students and clients, the results were breathtaking.

My strategies and techniques are simple. I've taught tens of hundreds of my subscribers, students and clients including my 500+ fortune clients (major companies in Nigeria I have personally worked with to leverage the Internet to sell their products and services). They've generated more REVENUES in sales (and that number grows every day)

My clients started launching websites that sold millions of naira in sales with their launches for their products and services nationwide.

The Email Course comes with FREE subscription & you can un-subscribe at anytime if you are not 100% satisfied.

This Email Course Training for making money online has nothing for sale. It's just Ndifreke Atauyo revealing how he built a personal brand online, how he monetize his knowledge and made 7 figure revenue, life's story, and what you can do STARTING RIGHT NOW.

If youíre reading this, youíre probably interested in gaining more money, more freedom, living a more fulfilling life, or all of the above. Do any of these things strike a chord with you?

  • Work at home
  • Run your own business
  • Control your own schedule
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • Host & Design your own websites for free
  • Make money while youíre sleeping
  • It's Time To Live Life On A Permanent Vacation!

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for creating a Multi Million Naira internet business for FREE

Did you know that the internet is a money-making machine that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? At all times, regardless of what youíre doing, money is being made by someone on the internet.

That means that while you're eating, sleeping, working and playing, money is pouring into the pockets of internet entrepreneurs from all around the world. The internet is so big, and thereís so much money to be made that thereís plenty of room for anyone to join the system and start profiting from the power of the internet.

Imagine owning your own internet business, and each time a customer makes a purchase the money is automatically sent to your account, even if youíre sound asleep! Trillions, yes trillions, of dollars are being spent on the internet and thousands of people are discovering a new lifestyle and fulfilling their dreams each day. Would you like to be one of them?

It Started With A Discovery
I Made In 2001

I Made 7 figure revenue online After A 30 Days Internet Marketing Campaign. Let me give you a quick rundown of what happened.

My first quick 7 figure income came in 2001 when 100 students registered for my JAVA Programming & Codes Development Training Class at N20,000.00 for each Student.

To make a long story short, I sold all 100 seats in a grand total of 24 hours after a 30 Days Internet Marketing Campaign that ONLY opened for a 24 hours registration period before the Class start.

I will explain...

After that, I decided to break history again by writing a campaign that brought in ...

Great EARNINGS In 60 Days.

Now this was crazy. But the TRUTH is... The MONEY I earned LEGITIMATELY online was responsible for what you are seeing in these pictures below.

Jesus said to his disciples - "If it were not so I wouldn't have told you"...

You know what? Ndifreke Atauyo came from a very POOR family background and from a humble beginning... God has used his successful Internet businesses, websites, and product launches to re-write the story of the family... God has made in him a secret multi millionaire UNKNOWN to many...

Why Am I telling & showing You All THESE. To inspire you with my TRUE Life story from a humble beginning and encourage you that YOU can succeed online legitimately and make millions of naira on the Internet from the comfort of your OWN home...

As a matter of fact, I was born into poverty from day one on earth. Our family for sevaral years survived ONLY on one square meal per day & some days no food at all. Life wasn't easy.

Below pictures paint the TRUE STORY...

BUT... Interesting, God used the Internet to re-write my humble beginning story and God has helped me to make millions of naira on the Internet legitimately...

Not only me alone... God's given wisdom and knowledge have helped me to mentor my 500+ clients and students to generate millions of naira online monthly from SALES of THEIR products and services. I love sharing my knowledge, expertise and wisdom with others who want to succeed online...

7 Figure Generated Revenue In Sales for one of my clients!

I decided to teach the marketing techniques I used for these campaigns that made me millions to my clients AND students and that were breaking records and making history.

My brain child company, BestSoft Nigeria, serves customers in a variety of economic sectors ranging from finance, oil and gas to manufacturing and Airlines.

My customers include mid-sized, small and large businesses, engineering firms, schools, churches, insurance firms, law firms, real estates, events management, travels and tours, manufacturers, professional services firms, multinational conglomerates, oil & gas servicing companies and other service based businesses.

Some of my customers includes fortune 500 companies in Nigeria. I got all of my customers from aggresive Internet Marketing campaigns, List Building & Product Launch Formula Strategies I learned from my Mentors abroad. I have Coaches & Mentors & I have INVESTED thousands of dollars in myself LEARNING...

This was just me delivering a send-forth speech for one of our PASTORS in the Church. It is ONLY humility & my God fearing abilities that brought me to that position to deliver that speech that day.

Learn The Secrets of The World's Most Successful Internet Marketers

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I use to lauch products and build successful online businesses for my humble self, students and 500+ clients. No hassle, no coding, no fees, simple tools, beautiful sites, expert design. Tried & Tested proven SYSTEM that WORKS.

But here's the TRUTH. I'm really not that special. I JUST had a passion for sharing what I know with others. And, yes, I figured out how to do it as a business.

The Only Two Ways
To Make Money Online

  1. You can sell your OWN stuff.
  2. You can sell other people's stuff.

Why Not Sell Your Own Stuff
So You Can Keep ALL The Money?

I have taught tens of students of my Inner Circle MasterMind Group and I can reveal the step by step checklist to make a fortune from YOUR Life Experience...

You will discover -

  • There is a Book in You
  • There is a Speech in You
  • You wanna be a Speaker
  • There is a Fortune in You
  • The WORLD is waiting for your message...

You can experience the Internet entrepreneur lifestyle... You can build a personal brand online, you can monetize your knowledge, life's story; Each of us is made up of knowledge, wisdom and experiences that can be shared, packaged and sold to others... that are willing and happy to pay and who want to learn from our experiences.

Online, YOU can sell a thousand copies of your Book, Infoproducts, Audio CDs, Video DVDs, Webinars...

I'll show you how I use my own real-life experience and expertise to position myself as one of the new breed of expert online. Guess What? Wow... That's EXACTLY what you are reading right now...

N900,000 In Sales!
In Just 7 Minutes Record Time

The SECRET is: I Discovered How To Quickly Build A Profitable Mailing List of HIGHLY Responsive Subcribers & HIGH PAYING Customers Who Puts Money In The Bank Day In, Day Out On Complete Autopilot...

That's cool NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA! And it was still just me ...writing from my old computer system (I bought in 2001) on my same little Table desk.

Now this was crazy. Let me explain... It is often said - "The Money's In The List". With the knowledge of Product Launch Formula & List Building Blueprint - I learned from my mentors in China, UK & USA - These POWERFUL strategies enable me to send out an email to a segment group of my LIST (already existing customer's list) and I got 18 orders (MONEY in the bank) within 7 Minutes Record Time.

18 Orders in 7 Minutes! It was like a CASH-IN-DEMAND Crazy-ATM. How?

The TRUTH is... I pre-launched www.bestsoft.com.ng first to my existing customers who needed an UNLIMITED website design package for N50,000 with Unlimited Web Hosting, Unlimited pages & Unlimited Images, Photos & Graphics uploading with Do-It-Myself Content Management System Installed.

Let's do the MATHEMATICS here: ...18 Orders x N50,000 = N900,000 In Sales In Just 7 Minutes...

FAST forward to today:
Below is the List of my 500+ customers nationwide.

Click here to view large snapshot of my few recent List of 500+ Customers

That's N3.5B freaking Naira! Made by my students & 500+ clients - Fortune 500 Companies In Nigeria.

And it's shocking, but since I started building websites way back in 2001 my students and clients have done more than offline REVENUES in products and services' SALES.

If you want to start an Internet Business, the most (quickest) way for you to achieve this is to have a coach who have done it a couple of times and going to show you how to do it step-by-step yourself.

  • NOTE: There will be no sale, no offer, no pitch on this Email Course. It's pure 100% content. And it's going to be step-by-step and interactive. I'll be taking questions and providing answers on the Email Course.

  • This is not a get rich quick scheme. Every successful online business is driven by hard work, passion to NEVER stop learning & studying other successful entrepreneurs. You've got to invest in yourself. I invested in myself years back and it pays today & years to come.
  • Here's my story... from a humble beginning and poor family background to self taught web designer, information products creator, Internet Marketer, social media expert, and later self made Internet multi millionaire - keeping my stories exciting and impactful

The Beauty of This Story.

But there in lies the beauty of this story. Ndifreke Atauyo at a humble beginning, a fresher student in 2001, in dire financial straits, turn to the Internet in his humble abode in the middle of nowhere in CALABAR, CROSS RIVER STATE and started to research on the Internet, started to play around writing, publishing on NACOSS Department Press Board - UNICAL Chapter and sending free Newsletter articles on Computer, Programming stuff to his colleagues, classmates, and University Students via email.

  • Had a total of 222 email addresses to start
  • You'll learn how I grew my business from scratch into the powerhouse it is today!
  • The Swipe Signature I used then. This originally appeared in my email newsletter, Free of Charge.
  • Here lies the Signature I used to get email addresses at the time. For more like this, & free articles on Computer, Programming, Software, Java, C++, Internet stuff. It's Free. To subscribe, just send a blank email to ... @ yahoo.com with subject "Free of Charge" You can also find me online at ...8m.com
  • The above was the signature I used on all my offline articles published on NACOSS PRESS BOARD that brought me 222 email subscribers in record time!

A Total of 222 eMail Addresses

These email addresses were mostly from my colleagues, classmates and students from other departments and faculties within the University who read my daily articles published on NACOSS Press Board, and had subscribed to my FREE Articles Newsletter.

  • I became an instant authority in my NICHE after publishing a series of free articles on Computer, Programming, Internet trendings, JAVA, C++, etc on NACOSS Press Board (National Association of Computer Science Students) @ Maths/Stats/Computer Science Department, University of Calabar, UNICAL, in 2001

What Actually Drove Me Into Learning Internet Marketing, Information Publishing & Later WebSite Design

In 2001, I got admission into University of Calabar, UNICAL to study B.Sc. in Computer Science. At the time our family ONLY business was small Poultry Keeping & Farming. That was our ONLY & Major source of Income for a family of seven and several relatives, cousins, aunties, staying with us.

It was TRYING TIME of Poverty on one square meal survival...

Our Poultry Farm Was Robbed

Our only livelihood was destroyed by thiefs in the middle of the darkest night. There was no other money, no savings in the bank. And my hope to continue my University Education was hanging.

We were suppose to sell the chickens the next day to make profits and to pay my school fees when thiefs broke in, a night before. I almost had stroke but God delivered me. I almost ran MAD on the streets but God held me in his right hand of righteousness and delivered me from them all. I was having serious headache for several days... But Jesus healeth me - For God said "I am the LORD that healeth thee"

That was me taking care of my parent's chicks

Thiefs, Armed Robbers Broke In &
Stole All The Live Chickens

Two weeks to paying my first school fees, the Unimagine happened at night. Thiefs broke into the Poultry house and took all that we had. Our income was taken away. Our livelihood disappeared overnight.

This was crazy... I almost dropout from the University because of inability to pay School fees before screening exercise commence the following Monday...

My Mother passionately with tears, rolling down her eyes said to me - "Ebemma - I don't have money to pay your school fees but I have prayed to God for you - for Wisdom & Success is ours forever"

What happened next? Was God in action for my OWN favour.

President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2001 had issues with lecturers, ASUU, and Non-Academy Staff Union of Universities. A day to my admission screening, an Indefinite strike was announce by ASUU that lasted for almost 6 months during President Obasanjo tenure...

The strike action commenced the same day (on Monday) we were supposed to be screened for admission into First Year. I was more than HAPPY when I watched the News on NTA...

I shouted God is Greatest!

When my sister heard that I would not continue with my education into University because of school fees. She went to Market with less than N1000 and bought some food stuffs and started selling in front of our house to raise N5,500 before the strike would be suspended.

My Sister's Petty Shop, Nothing To Write Home About, Paid My UNIVERSITY First School's Fees

After the strike was called off by ASUU after SIX months, my sister secured my admission. When my sister sold EVERYTHING in her shop and raised N5,500 to pay my first semester school fees for year one - I was in TOTAL shock and TEARS. I could not believe my subconciousness...

The Shop business was the LAST hope for a humble poor student - who vowed to succeed at all cost -- working hard to become an Entrepreneur and helping others (you had similar struggling situations) to discover thier WHAT - the most important thing they were created as BEING to impact their WORLD.

I Worked 22hrs A Day Cutting Nylon Products to survive our family

Before & after I got admission. Life wasn't easy for me. I was working very hard every day to produce Water Proof / Nylon bags to sell to market women at MALABO REPLUBIC, a market place behind Male Hostel within University of Calabar, UNICAL.

I used to miss lectures, I couldn't concentrate on my studies. I used to eat once a day. Some days, no food at all - only drinking of water. Hmmmmmm and Hunger spelt all over my facial BONY structure. I was REALLY looking like a SKELETON - very BONY with mountains of MUSCLE lines all over my hands.

For example, sometimes I met my colleagues coming back from lectures while I was hanging BAGS of nylon products into the Market to sell.

Some of my colleagues used to sympatized with me. They used to provide me with lectures' notes to copy at home. They used to inform me of unexpected TESTs & ASSIGNMENTs so I would rush to class for the tests.

Discover The Exact Training That Helped A Complete Newbie Student In 2001 Made Money Online & Over Came Every School Obstacle In Matter of Days

I'm also handing you my personal story...

Imagine having the secret and the power to easily inspire, convince and persuade your customers to purchase any product or service you sell, at anytime, and as often as you want...no matter what business you're in, to influence more customers, grab more profits, and leave your competition in the dust as they continue to wonder how you did it!

In 2001, Mr. Edim, our Computer Science lecturer, gave us an assignment to create an email account, and to submit same to his office. What's email? I asked? How Can I create an email account? I quipped?

And that's just the beginning of what I discovered later on the Internet!

I tapped one of my colleages & best friend Chief Kufre Ukpe. He had no idea then - so we went to a cyber cafe where he paid MONEY to the cafe attendance to create email accounts for us. Chief Kufre Ukpe was very generous and good to me. Himself & Bassey Eyo used to buy Lecturers' Handout materials for me with their OWN money.

Chief Kufre Ukpe, Bassey Eyo & I were like brothers.

Shortly thereafter, I started going to the Internet to do research. I stumbled on a Report by Dr. Ken Evoy, about eMail Marketing, Website Design, Articles Writing, Newsletter, etc. I visited his websites and discovered he had over 100,000+ clients worldwide with thousands of success stories and testimonials with active links to his customers' websites.

I was inspired by Dr. Ken's SUCCESS. I started modeling him. I believed in myself and took action immediately. I purchased and downloaded a couple of his ebooks. I spent hours studing them...

Result of Coaching & Investing In Myself As A Student In 2001

First, I took on Articles Writing on NACOSS Press Board. I became instant celebrity within the department and WOW I had 222 people on my newsletter mailing list - mostly my classmates, colleagues, students and readers of my daily articles published on NACOSS PRESS BOARD, Comp. Sc. Dept. University of Calabar, UNICAL, 2001/2002 Session.

I found out what they wanted, and gave it to them - providing value for my target readers.

It was unbelievable when I discovered how I created my email messages sequences that motivated my colleagues and subcribers who broke their bank accounts to register for my JAVA PROGRAMMING DEV. TRAINING CLASS in 2001/2002 Session.

These seldom-used and often forgotten and ignored responsive list building methods added 2 Million Naira to my bank account within 24 hours after a 30 days Internet Marketing Campaign that opened and closed registration in 24 hours.

Returning home from school, I realized that there is really just one thing that separates my humble self from the wannabees graduates and job seekers

The Entrepreneurial freedom and spirit - led me to build mailing lists

Click here to view large snapshot of one of my membership website with 4811 active subscibers

I built lists, I knew what works on the INTERNET from Day One because I had Coaches and Mentors - and I invested in myself - reading and studying and learning - on article writing, copywriting, ebooks, programming stuff on BASIC, JAVA, C++, Internet Marketing, Web Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, etc.

When I started building my lists, I tried to excite and ignite my colleagues by making them look forward to my stuff. I built RAPPORT with my readers - that created excitement and anticipation.

I gave them something to do, I asked them to fill out surveys and tell me what they wanted, tell me the most important 2 questiuons they would like to ask me and what stuff they would likely want me to teach them one-on-one or learn from me.

The Opt-In 222 Emails

I had established a relationship with my list for over 1 month sending them valuable stuff and articles. I sent a survey to my email list asking them what they want to know. I used their answers and came up with a list of potential programs to offer them.

I sent a second survey, giving them a short list of the potential products and asking for their favorite.

I created a JAVA Programming Training Class based on the feedback from my readers and then I opened registration to them and 100 readers registered for the Program in 2001.

That was how I made my first 7 Figure revenue when registration opened.

The Money Is In The List
Make Money Online

I still can't believe this all started from daily articles I published offline with signature requesting free subscription to newsletter. The funny thing is that this all started out with one thought - that above all else, I needed to focus on getting people to join my email list. That the power was in the list, and in my relationship with that list...

Who could have imagined where that thought would lead to?

Build A List That Loves You...
And Wants To Buy From You Now

The Internet moves faster than any other business platform in the World

How To Get Leads And Subscribers That Are Pre-Disposed To Buy From You. I will TEACH, COACH, & MENTOR you on how to package your advice, experience, wisdom, and information into lucrative products and programs people can buy online.

One time I spent $5,000 for a course on business-building, marketing, entrepreneurship, book publishing and direct response Internet marketing. And one of the MAIN things that sold me was 3 audio recordings of testimonials that the marketer sent to me. I listened to all those case studies and testimonials over and over before I bought.

I always thought about business-building, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I am, at heart, an entrepreneur. I would be happy working to help others become entrepreneurs...

The golden rule of marketing is to sell people what they want to buy.

Only Offer What The
Market (Your List) Wants

I learned this one in the first day of learning how to start a home-based business, when I read a BOOK written by Dr. Ken Evoy in 2001.

When I was looking at the surveys and response I was getting from my subcribers.

I realised that was an easy way to tell what my lists were interested in. And I aslo realized that wasn't what I would have expected them to be interested in...

You need to do the same... Sell what the market wants, not what you want to sell them... or what you think they should want.

My Email Course step-by-step click-by-click proven system will show you the right survey questions to ask your list and how to create a product base on what they "WANT" and sell to them.

Hmmm... Big surprise - It's your "license to print money" ...It's your insurance policy when you always be building your list and your relationship with your list.

My First Online Revenue & Recurring Income Responsible For My First Brain Child Projects

Great SALES Per Year In Direct Internet Marketing Generated Revenue for my Real Estate Client In Abuja

Case Study: Zero Internet Experience to GREAT Renenue with a Real Estate Company based in Abuja I personally taught them how to manage their Facebook Ads Campaigns. An Amazing Story... Can you imagine starting a business with virtually no assets, doing a Seed Launch to a tiny list (made up almost entirely of his personal associates and business contacts), and quickly growing a business that did GREAT revenues in sales? This is a truly remarkable Case Study, and I think youíre going to get a lot out of it.

Great Revenues Per Year Income

The Amazing True Story of Building a successful Business in Just 20 Months On the Back Of Direct Internet Marketing Response for my client - A Technical & Engineering College in Ibadan, Oyo State, South West, Nigeria.

You Can Grow your business FASTER than your competition... Completely dominate your niche or your industry by using Tested, Proven, Advanced Strategies for creating a rapid growth; taking your business into new media, and uncover brand new, untouched markets...

My Internet Marketing Greatest Hits & List Building Blueprint I Taught A Client Who Owns & Runs A Secondary School Generated Revenues for The School In 2 Years

This was packed with Life-Changing, Career-Rocketting, Business-Building Direct Respond Internet marketing & List Building Principles & Strategies from The Cutting Edge Experience I had since 2001.

After a 45-Minutes free consultation with the School, I turned the school business on its head and created in the Management a brand New Sense of what's Possible Online... And showed them the most rapid, efficient path to Internet Success from here to there.

My Client, A Blogger That Owns A Magazine Website Makes Sustainable Income Per Year from Advertisement

This was a wonderful interview, and I feel blessed to be part of their incredible story and to celebrate their huge success. And I know you will find this Case Study both extremely instructional and incredibly inspiring.

Enjoy... and learn how my client, a blogger, started from scratch, manage his website himself for one year - but now for the past 2 years employed staff reporters on a good monthly salary per month for each staff! Today, he has access to all top politicians, senators, house of reps's phone numbers. His website visitors hit is among the most visited in Nigeria daily.

I Made Unbelievable Extra Income In 12 Months As A Corp Member During My National Youth Service 2007/2008 In Imo State

My Direct Response Marketing campaign and bulk sms campaign brought in another 7 Figure for me during my National Youth Service Year. In 2007/2008 as a serving Youth Corp Member, I had tried to run a Free Web Design & Internet Marketing Training to registered companies in Owerri, Imo State.

It was amazing. I ran a promotion for 20 days. It generated me 7 Figure revenue - my profit margin was a whopping 95% and I was getting not less than 10 clients each month.

I charged each client N50,000 for staff training, web design, and coaching staff on how to open, manage, and send web mail, free site management and updates training, list building and internet marketing strategies and direct response step-by-step plan for getting new clients at high prices while making a BIG positive impact on their customers' lives.

The free coaching sessions I offered to registered companies in Imo State were an awesome way I built deep, meaningful RELATIONSHIP with these comapnies - long before they started offering me website design jobs and promoting my professional services to their customers, friends, and relative through Word-of-Mouth Referrals.

Even till this day, I still get jobs from their recommendations because of the success stories they have recorded in THIER own NICHES

It was the easiest and quickest way I got started in this business as a corp member. It's also the easiest SALES I made because they'd considered me as an authority in Web Marketing - And those FREE COACHING SESSIONS were a symbol of expertise and offered great VALUE to my clients.

Do You Want To Know My System For Making Millions of Naira On The Internet?

This is the bottom line: I know how to extract money from a web business. In fact, I am really, really good at it. And I can tell you how to do it, step by step. Now here is the crazy part: for a limited time, it isn't going to cost you anything.

But for now, there is no price tag. I might ask you for a testimonial along the way - but as of today you can tap into my system for creating super profitable web sites for FREE... just fill out this membership form:


Yes, I want to learn all Ndifreke Atauyo's tips and tricks. Sign me up for Ndifreke Atauyo's "Internet Business" ongoing email course...

Ndifreke Atauyo's Make Money Online Email Course comes with FREE subscription and you can un-subscribe at anytime if you are not 100% satisfied.

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Ndifreke Atauyo
CEO/Founder/Chairman, BestSoft Nigeria

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Ndifreke Atauyo is the author of the forthcoming book, The Best Seller Millionaire Entrepreneur. - An Internet Millionaire's step-by-step secret formula to sell your book or product online in any niche category and hit No. #1 Amazon, New York Times bestseller lists within a week of your book or product launch using the responsive mailing list building blueprint & no cost Internet marketing strategies.

Ndifreke started doing business online since 2001 & has made millions of naira on the Internet. His no cost Internet Marketing strategies, list building blueprint and secrets have helped his students and 500+ fortune clients sold THEIR products and services & generated sales worth millions of naira on the Internet.

Ndifreke Atauyo is the CEO and founder of BestSoft Nigeria and owns 20 highly profitable and successful online businesses and websites including: